Learning Management System

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to navigate and use. Both teachers and students can use the platform with ease. There are available resources for instructions and FAQ on how to use the tools and features of the LMS.

Real-Time Report Analytics

Designed to offer built-in, real-time data reports, soLMS admin and teachers can track student's learning progress in real-time.

Integration Capabilities

Third-party video hosting and video conferencing tools are integrated in the LMS. Integration of existing educational courseware that are in-line with DepEd's MELC curriculum from Phileduonline e-learning library is available upon subscription.

Collaborative Tools

Students can interact with their teachers and collaborate with their fellow students using the video conferencing tools and chat groups of their class.

Security Features

Secured site with SSL certificate. Your school's data, the privacy of your students and teachers will be protected.


This feature is applicable for schools with multiple-branches in different locations. The main campus will administer the set-up of these branches in the LMS. School branches will share the same features of the LMS but their data and structure will exist independently from each other.


With internet connections, users can access the educational materials and take tests through their laptops, desktops, tablets or even mobile phones.

Cost Efficient

Since Phileduonline is developed by local programmers and IT personnel, it is not as expensive as foreign LMS but at par with their standards. It is flexible and designed for Filipino users.

Support and Maintenance

No need to outsource IT consultants for maintenance and software upgrades. IT support is 24/7.

Website Branding

If your school has an existing website, a link will be used to redirect your users to your School LMS with your own brand and design.

Anti-Cheat Features

This is the best feature of Phileduonline LMS. Your proctors or teachers can either use the Random Snapshots feature or use the Test-Secure Software where the screen and browser of the test takers will be locked. Keyboard short-cut functions and screen sharing will be disabled, recording of camera and desktop monitor will be recorded simultaneously and sent via email to the proctor or teacher.

Centralized Data

Unlike other online tools for teachers, where the log-in details and access are kept by the teachers themselves, with Phileduoline LMS, all your learning materials are stored in one repository on a secured server where teachers and students can both access them.

Built-in Quiz Maker

Construct quizzes, exams, declare prerequisites, automate randomized and time constrained tests.

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